Consistent high quality, music for creatives

There are many many music catalogues in today’s market  Scoremofo is unlike any of them. We don’t pride ourselves in having huge numbers in our ranks We pride ourselves in that anything and everything in our catalogue is totally badass.Our catalogue is highly curated musical catalogue where every track is held to stringent high quality production standards, and by some clever tricks with relative keys each track works as a cohesive part of the team, all of the tracks working with each other, to give a “scored” feel which is so sadly lacking with other Music catalogues.Through more than a decade of experience composing the music for some of the worlds biggest shows we have learned what works, what post production teams need, what makes a catalogue easy and quick to use, and what makes the end product truly great.Scoremofo is about consistent high quality, cohesion and ease of use.It’s the first catalogue of its kind. Its a composer in a box, It’s a ready made score, that actually sounds like score.

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